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Ask me why I wander around at night under a full moon or near full moon, and I will respond "Why Not?"  Or why am I search for abandoned and decayed palces, "Why Not?"

Many people drive by and only see the abandoned building or the dilapidated old car that has seen better days.  I see these things and wonder what happened and I want to know what the story is.  The process of night photography -  adding light to an object to tell a new story - often in a surrealist style, gives me a feeling that is difficult to describe.


My interest in photography has evolved over the last 7 years.  My inspiration was a trip to Africa, with the wrong camera.  I had a souped up point and shoot when I should have had a DSLR with a zoom lens.  I came back and immediately enrolled in a basic photography class at Glendale Community College and bought a Canon 40D.  After a few more classes at Phoenix Community College, I discovered the Lost America website and the photography of Troy Paiva.  After my first workshop I was hooked on night photography.  Other night photographers who have influenced me are Lance Keimig and Joe Reifer.  I have recently upgraded to a full frame Canon 7D and my favorite lens is a fish-eye.  My main light source is a Proto Machine LED2 flashlight. 

I am from the Greater Phoenix area, and I am the voice on the radio or on the phone in an emergency. When not at work or wandering the desert, I can be found riding my bike or swimming (no, I don't do Tris).  My other photography interests include travel photography, vintage signs and pet photography. 


Why Not?  Enjoy life.  Ride a bike 50 miles.  Wander around under the full moon.  Do what makes you happy!


Sandra Jungling

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