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Changes in the Salton Sea.

I took my first visit to the Salton Sea, in California in May of 2010. I have been back a few times during the last 8 years, but just in the last year I have really notices a change in the water level.

Created in 1905 by a breach in a levy along the Colorado river, the area flooded until the breach was fixed in 1907. Once, a popular place for Hollywood elites like the Beach Boys, Frank Sinatra and others, that all changed in the 1970's. A series of floods overwhelmed many places especially Bombay Beach.

Bombay Beach now has a post apocalyptic feel to it. The ruins of the flooded area I first saw 8 years ago are now long gone, but every trip to the beach I discover new things, left behind by artist and other photographers.

Bombay Beach docs May 2010.

This picture of the remains of a dock at Bombay Beach is from May 2010. As you can see the level of the water and plenty of birds in the area. What you don't see is the amount of dead fish along the beach, a part of the never ending cycle of bacteria building up in the water.

Take a step 8 years Mar 2018 and you can see the same dock pilings with no water in site. In this long exposure there is added orange, purple and some white light.

Bombay beach dock 2018.

Sandra Jungling.

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